Beginning the “Grace of God Journey”

Through God’s Grace, Kundalini Yoga and my spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, I have been touched and felt so much love. There is a great love I feel when I sing I’m so excited to announce my upcoming international “Grace of God” Tour! The tour was inspired by one of my favorite songs to sing at gatherings, the “Grace of God”, my worldwide journey will include special performances in the U.S., South America and India, where I will be appearing at Naad Yoga workshops, and Kirtan gatherings.

I personally invite you to join me on this musical and spiritual journey by connecting with me through my upcoming blogs, video uploads, and social media portals. My joyful mission is to share these gifts of Kundalini Yoga’s transformative healing power all over the world through my live shows, CD’s and my new digital music sites. My prayer is that you’ll join me on this journey and together we’ll expand this “circle of grace” to inspire & uplift as many hearts & souls as possible along the way.

“When one feels the touch of grace, other wants fade away. It comes through yoga, meditation, service and prayer— direct pathways to a clear mind and an open heart.”  Gurunam Singh

The Kundalini Companion Kit

In addition to touring I’m also excited to announce that I’m currently developing an invaluable resource for both teachers of Kundalini Yoga, as well as students, called “The Kundalini Companion Kit”. The 2-CD kit will help teachers implement a perfectly timed playlist into their teaching routines and allow individuals to use inspired music in their meditations and kriya sets they practice at home. The kit will be available as a boxed unit or through online download. The first CD features mantra meditation tracks, the Kundalini favorite  “Long Time Sun”, and the special release of my signature song “Grace of God”. The second CD includes selected and timed compositions designed specifically for practicing kriyas. It’s the first in a new workshop series I’m producing called “Tools for a Clear Mind and an Open Heart”. The kit will also include a detailed instructional guide.

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