Sat Nam Dear Souls,
I wish you peace. I wish you songs of peace. I wish you communion with your soul and the God that lives in your heart. I wish you the eternal fragrance of Divine Love. I wish you the embrace of your soul, a witnessing through your soul, a commitment that keeps you in the grace of your soul and a blessing that keeps you relating to and from your soul. I wish you the love and kindness of strangers, family and friend. I wish for yours to be a hand to lend. I wish for your happiness. I wish for you to dwell in the beauty of nature, the beauty of your soul and the beauty of The Divine. I wish for your past foolishness to be erased as all things are in the light of Grace. I wish you to walk forward renewed and healthy and with bounty to share. I wish for you nothing less than Ecstasy, not by a drug but by devotion to Divinity. I wish for you the gift of a prosperity beyond worldly fortune, but the gift of giving which leads to true prosperity, which is love in your heart. This is the spirit of Solstice. This is the spirit of kindness. This is the spirit of Thanks and gratitude and leads to the awe and the wonder.. the understanding and the standing under. This is the prosperity I wish for you, The Bliss, The Sacred Kiss. May the Grace of God and Guru be with you, be seen by you, be known unto you. May you have all intuition and guidance and dwell in your depths and explore your heights and sing in your hearts the hymns of the real prosperity.. Love and kindness for all..
In Thanks,
Gurunam Singh

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