Breath Of Devotion



Gurunam Singh`s latest offering, released with companion CD “Union”, showcases his signature style of heart-centered vocals and chantable tunes. Perfect for yoga, meditation and pure enjoyment!

`Breath of Devotion` is Gurunam Singh’s 8th CD release, produced amazingly by Thomas Barquee (who also produced Gurunam’s previous release ‘Change’). This CD is about the deep pranic breath, healing and diving in to the soul of the mantra. `Sat Nam Wahe Guru` is a favorite for many who attend kirtan’s with Gurunam as he chants it at most every kirtan. Ra Ma Da Sa and Pavan Guru are filled with healing energy. Gobinday for neutrality and courage. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio for touching in with the self/soul. Rounded off with some personal songs this CD brings life to the room when you listen to it and brings out the life that all ready exists within these mantras.

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