Title : Union



Gurunam Singh`s latest offering, released with companion CD “Breath of Devotion”, showcases his signature style of heart-centered vocals and chantable tunes. Perfect for yoga, meditation and pure enjoyment!

Union is a mantra/devotional CD full of prayers and feelings that come from the soul. Gurunam says, “Each mantra and song on this CD has a special place in my heart. They each have nurtured me and healed me by repeating them to myself and singing them with others. While recording this new version of `Hummee Hum` I was crying in the studio. The space opened so wide and deep! `If All Prayers Were Answered` was composed in the studio and I feel this is the most beautiful devotional song/offering I have ever been a part of or has been a part of me. `Ong Kar Nirankar (Jai Te Gung)` grooves along and `Gagan Mai` is a mellow groove. This CD is really a part of me, every track. As opposed to my previous CD, ‘Change’ (which was also produced by Thomas Barquee) and which has a lot of indian instrumentation ‘Union’ has really nice western guitar layered throughout and Simrit Kaur’s beautiful vocals harmonizing. So the feel is different and new. Enjoy!”

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