The Kundalini Companion Kit— Meditation Mantras, Kriya Music & Devotional Songs

I am getting ready to unveil a unique 2-CD project designed to improve the yoga experience for teachers and students. Yoga practitioners, particularly Kundalini Yogi’s, appreciate the added benefit of musical accompaniment for meditations and especially during kriyas.

The Kundalini Companion Kit is the perfect Kriya playlist that saves you time so that you can enjoy teaching or focusing on your own practice.

“The Kundalini Companion Kit will take the time, effort and guesswork out of building the perfect kriya playlist.”

In addition to the customized Kriya CD, the kit will also contain a second CD featuring my new special release of the “Grace of God” song, several mantra meditation tracks, and the all time Kundalini Yoga favorite “Long Time Sun”. The package also includes an informative guidebook, prepared for workshop teaching as well as home instruction.

The Kundalini Companion Kit will be available shortly through mail order as a self-contained boxed unit, or accessible online as a downloadable e-kit. A must have for Kundalini Yogi’s!

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